When you have a project to outsource for Wire Electrical Discharge Machining work, bring it to Adron EDM Specialists, where you will get the advantage of our vast experience with this process. Our company was among the first to recognize and utilize Wire EDM as a true production process. During more than 20 years of specializing in Wire EDM Services, we have completed thousands of production jobs for almost every industry.

Adron EDM Specialists has 50 high-speed Wire EDM machines in all sizes, including the largest Wire EDM machine available, able to handle work pieces weighing up to 10,000 lbs. We take on the difficult jobs that others refuse, and by doing so, have developed a depth of Wire EDM knowledge and experience that is second to none.

Core Processes:

  • Wire Sinker EDM
  • Ram EDM
  • Small Hole EDM
  • Small Hole Popping
  • Fast Hole EDM
  • Wire EDM Production
  • EDM High Volume Production
  • Wire EDM Jobs
  • Ram Die Sinking
  • Consider the facts, then call us to discuss your next project.

    Adron Wire EDM Specialists plays an important role in the manufacturing process for products in the Medical Industry. From key medical components for surgical tools, implants, and X-ray and CT scan diagnostic equipment, Adron has played a role in making hundreds of products.

    Our Medical customers come from all over the United States because we offer the highest level of Medical Wire EDM expertise available, and at a very competitive price. Whether you need a prototype or thousands of inches of cutting, we give you personalized service combined with the fastest delivery schedule anywhere.

    Large Workpieces

    We were the first to apply wire EDM to ultra-large workpieces weighing up to 10,000 lbs.

    Huge Capacity

    Adron is the largest wire EDM job shop in North America. We have the capacity to take on jobs, without interrupting the flow of other work through our shop, that could overwhelm the total capacity of four or five other shops put together.


    8 Major Benefits of Wire EDM

    Your job may be right for EDM if even one of these benefits applies. Call us.

    1. Fast turnaround. Our large capacity means that we have Wire EDM machines in size and quantity suited to your job.

    2. Rapid prototyping. Wire EDM reduces or eliminates fixture and tooling costs. Parts can be immediately in production.

    3. Exotic materials. Wire EDM has an exceptional capability to machine exotic materials (A-286, superalloys, medical grade stainless, titanium, Hastelloy, niobium, tungsten, aluminum alloys, copper, etc.)

    4. Elimination of heat-treat distortion. Because hardened materials can be wirecut, EDM eliminates the need for post-machining heat treating and possible part distortion.

    5. Burr-free, superior edge quality applications. Most work pieces come off the EDM machine as accurate, finished parts, burr-free and with excellent surface finishes. Simple, flat shapes, which usually would be metal stamped, may be a job for Wire EDM when they require a superior quality edge.

    6. Intricate contour. Wire EDM can produce complex, contoured shapes, freeing you to design the configuration you want, in one piece rather than several.

    7. Tight tolerances. Wire EDM is one of the most accurate machining processes for making contoured parts. Many jobs with runs of 50 to 5,000 pieces are candidates for our production Wire EDM service.

    8. Absolute consistency. Because there is no tooling to wear, Wire EDM offers absolute consistency, part after part.